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Plymouth Financial Advisors

Retirement Planning & Wealth Management in MA

SHP Financial is an independent firm of fiduciary investment advisors providing retirement planning and private wealth management for those in or near retirement.

With our headquarters in Plymouth, MA and multiple offices throughout Boston, Southeastern MA and Cape Cod, SHP Financial has been helping Massachusetts families for over a decade successfully plan for and navigate through their retirement years.

Unlike many financial planners, we believe you deserve more than just investment advice and portfolio management from your advisory team.

That's why we've developed our 5 Step SHP Retirement Road Map® Process.  We provide each of our clients with a customized, written financial plan that addresses the five most critical areas of risk in retirement.  To accomplish this, our road map plans consist of the following 5 steps:

  1. Income Plan
  2. Investment Plan
  3. Tax Optimization Plan
  4. Health Care Plan
  5. Legacy / Estate Plan

Once we develop your road map, we will not stop there.  We'll be there to help navigate each twist and turn, every step of the way.

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