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The Value of Optimism

By SHP Financial Blog | May 11, 2016

Anyone approaching the end of their working years can likely list more than a few occurrences in which they’ve experienced a stressful moment or handled a hectic ordeal. Although retiring may end the need to put out fires in the workplace, stress built up over the years does take its toll and, for some, may…

Watching the Markets with Interest

By SHP Financial Blog | May 4, 2016

In March, the Federal Reserve decided to reign in its plan for raising rates this year, reducing the expected number of rate increases from four to two. The Federal Open Market Committee came away from its most recent meeting projecting an interest rate hike of .50 percent, down from the original projection of 1 percent.…

Longer Lifespans Translating to Change of Scenery

By SHP Financial Blog | Apr 27, 2016

Men may now be living longer than ever, but, from a location standpoint, retirees are doing anything but staying put. Women still live longer than men, but the gap has narrowed, as the lifespan of males has increased consistently over the past few decades. This means the chances are now greater that a married woman…

Jobs, Wages, GDP Potential Areas of Growth in 2016

By SHP Financial Blog | Apr 20, 2016

                              By many measures, the country’s economy is continuing on its upward trend. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 242,000 new jobs in February 2016, with the unemployment rate unchanged at 4.9 percent. Industries with the highest number of jobs…

The 1%, the Lower 50% and the 49% In Between

By SHP Financial Blog | Apr 13, 2016

Five years ago, 388 people were as wealthy as half the people in the world combined. While that’s a lot of money divided among a small number of people, it’s nothing compared to where that number stands today. Currently, the world’s 62 richest people hold the same amount of wealth as the world’s poorest 3.5…

How to Cope With Market Volatility

By SHP Financial Blog | Apr 6, 2016

The investment markets had a rocky start in 2016, and many analysts believe market volatility may continue to be a theme throughout the year. Market volatility is a tough factor to deal with. It inherently makes us want to react, to change, to make things smooth and even keel. It may cause stress when you…

Weather Far from a Perfect Storm for U.S. Economy

By SHP Financial Blog | Mar 30, 2016

A sunny day can make you feel good, and a cold, dreary one can put you in a funk. As it turns out, these emotions are reflected in consumers’ financial decisions as well. Some studies have even concluded that bad weather can have a depressive influence on an investor’s state of mind, and even Wall…

Finnegan’s Wake Event Recap

By SHP Financial | Mar 24, 2016

We had a fantastic time at Finnegan’s Wake on Saturday. It was such a pleasure to share laughs and unforgettable (and somewhat crazy) moments with our valued clients! Special thanks to everyone who attended. We’re grateful to have been able to share this experience with you. We hope you’ll take a moment to watch the…

Filling in Bubbles Won’t Always Lead to a Fulfilling Retirement

By SHP Financial Blog | Mar 23, 2016

Yes, there are essential questions you need to ask yourself before you retire. But taking an online quiz with stock questions and answers may not be the best way to help you make this important decision. Therefore, instead of calculating your score and placing you in a category with run-of-the-mill recommendations, we delve deep to…

Countdown to Retirement: Strategies for Saving in Your 50’s

By SHP Financial Blog | Mar 16, 2016

The Baby Boom generation is about to enter another era: retirement. Never known for accepting the status quo, Baby Boomers are ready to redefine the “golden years.” Forget about endless days of leisure. This generation seeks adventure, travel, and new business pursuits. While these changes may redefine retirement, will Boomers be able to finance their…


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