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Archive for February 2016

Planning for your spare time in retirement

We all have spare time. However, it’s possible to be so busy, to have such a long list of things to do, that you actually feel guilty taking a bit of time to flake out in front of the television set, read a not-so-literary book or take a mid-afternoon nap. Even visiting with family and…

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Few Benefit Financially from College’s Big Money Sport

As entertaining as college football is, the truth is it’s a multimillion-dollar business. In some high-profile programs, coaches make seven-figure salaries rivaled only by university administrators at the nation’s most elite schools. All the money flowing to officials at the top has to come from somewhere, and often, it starts with the students. In addition…

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New Year a Good Time for New Approach

We frequently resolve to reinvent ourselves in the new year — exercise more, eat healthier, read more or save more. This concept of reinvention carries over to several aspects of the financial world as well, both personally and in businesses. At a certain age, it’s common for people to put their materialistic desires behind them…

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Brain Power Translates to Staying Power

We keep hearing about how life expectancy has increased, and today’s retirees are living longer than ever. However, longevity behooves that we (1) take measures to retain good health and mental acumen as we get older and (2) develop a long-term financial strategy to provide for ourselves and our loved ones in retirement. We can…

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