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Archive for March 2016

Weather Far from a Perfect Storm for U.S. Economy

A sunny day can make you feel good, and a cold, dreary one can put you in a funk. As it turns out, these emotions are reflected in consumers’ financial decisions as well. Some studies have even concluded that bad weather can have a depressive influence on an investor’s state of mind, and even Wall…

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Finnegan’s Wake Event Recap

We had a fantastic time at Finnegan’s Wake on Saturday. It was such a pleasure to share laughs and unforgettable (and somewhat crazy) moments with our valued clients! Special thanks to everyone who attended. We’re grateful to have been able to share this experience with you. We hope you’ll take a moment to watch the…

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Countdown to Retirement: Strategies for Saving in Your 50’s

The Baby Boom generation is about to enter another era: retirement. Never known for accepting the status quo, Baby Boomers are ready to redefine the “golden years.” Forget about endless days of leisure. This generation seeks adventure, travel, and new business pursuits. While these changes may redefine retirement, will Boomers be able to finance their…

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Retirement Road Map Video Series – The Future of Healthcare

How will the rising costs of healthcare affect your retirement? It’s one of the biggest worries for today’s retirees. It the latest Retirement Road Map Video Series, Keith Ellis, Co-Founder of SHP Financial and host of the Retirement Road Map radio show, tackles this important issue. Are you adequately prepared to handle the rising costs…

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