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Archive for April 2016

Longer Lifespans Translating to Change of Scenery

Men may now be living longer than ever, but, from a location standpoint, retirees are doing anything but staying put. Women still live longer than men, but the gap has narrowed, as the lifespan of males has increased consistently over the past few decades. This means the chances are now greater that a married woman…

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Jobs, Wages, GDP Potential Areas of Growth in 2016

                              By many measures, the country’s economy is continuing on its upward trend. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 242,000 new jobs in February 2016, with the unemployment rate unchanged at 4.9 percent. Industries with the highest number of jobs…

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The 1%, the Lower 50% and the 49% In Between

Five years ago, 388 people were as wealthy as half the people in the world combined. While that’s a lot of money divided among a small number of people, it’s nothing compared to where that number stands today. Currently, the world’s 62 richest people hold the same amount of wealth as the world’s poorest 3.5…

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How to Cope With Market Volatility

The investment markets had a rocky start in 2016, and many analysts believe market volatility may continue to be a theme throughout the year. Market volatility is a tough factor to deal with. It inherently makes us want to react, to change, to make things smooth and even keel. It may cause stress when you…

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