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Retirement Road Map Video Series – The Future of Healthcare

How will the rising costs of healthcare affect your retirement? It’s one of the biggest worries for today’s retirees.

It the latest Retirement Road Map Video Series, Keith Ellis, Co-Founder of SHP Financial and host of the Retirement Road Map radio show, tackles this important issue.

Are you adequately prepared to handle the rising costs of healthcare? Do you have a plan for what you’ll do if you or your spouse suddenly need long-term care? Will your home or assets be protected? Will you be able to handle the costs?

Preparing for and living comfortably through retirement may be the most important goal you work toward in your life. This includes having a solid healthcare plan.

At SHP Financial, we help guide our clients to and through retirement. Our unique, 5-Step Retirement Road Map® process is designed to analyze and plan for the five most important financial areas in retirement: income planning, investment planning, tax planning, healthcare planning and legacy planning.

Find out how our Retirement Road Map® can serve as your map to financial freedom!

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