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SHP Retirement Road Map®

Your Map to Financial Freedom

SHP Retirement Road Map®

What is the SHP Retirement Road Map®?

The SHP Retirement Road Map® is SHP Financial’s trademarked five-step retirement planning process.

What does the SHP Retirement Road Map® do?

In our firm's 52 years combined experience, we have identified five distinct areas of risk for retirees that when addressed properly, allow our clients to have the confidence and clarity to live the type of retirement they want and deserve.

The SHP Retirement Road Map® is designed to effectively address each of those five critical areas of risk for retirees.  Those areas of risk are:

  1. INCOME:  Generating income in retirement that you won't outlive with protections against inflation
  2. INVESTMENTS:  Protecting your investments from erroding due to high fees and unnecessary risk
  3. TAXES:  Planning to reduce tax burdens that can errode income and assets
  4. HEALTHCARE: Planning in advance for high healthcare and long-term care costs
  5. LEGACY:  Avoiding probate and excessive estate taxes when passing on assets to the people and charties you love

How can you benefit from your own personalized SHP Retirement Road Map®?

When you leave our office with your Road Map in your hands, you’ll officially stop operating in the gray of your mind, wondering if you’ll outlive your money – and rest in the knowledge that we’ve addressed the major areas of risk and mathematically tested your strategy to ensure it will last as long as you’ll need it.

In other words, you can go back to looking forward to all the things you’ve wanted to do all these years.


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