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SHP Retirement Road Map
Video Series

Providing you with information to make the best financial decisions

SHP Retirement Road Map® Video Series

At SHP Financial we're dedicated to helping everyone live out their dreams in retirement, whether they are clients of ours or not.

We strive to pursue this mission by continuously sharing with others the knowledge we've accumulated with our 52 years combined experience through our weekly blogradio show and the series of videos we have published below.

We hope you enjoy this video series and can take some of the information and apply them to your own situation. Of course, should you ever have questions and would like to sit down for a complimentary meeting with one of our Financial Advisors, we'd love to hear from you.

Four Key Benefits to Setting Up a Trust

Discover the top four benefits of setting up a trust within your estate plan, with SHP Financial Advisor Derek Gregoire and Attorney Keith McManus of McManus Estate Planning.


Market Volatility: How to Reduce the Impact on Your Retirement.

Matthew Peck, CFP®, discusses the recent market volatility and the impact it can play on your retirement unless you have a plan.

Fees, Fees, Fees: How the Hidden Fees in Your Investments Could Hurt your Retirement.

Do you have mutual funds? If so, you won't want to miss this quick video on the hidden fees that could be lurking in your portfolio. SHP Financial Co-Founder Keith Ellis discusses the impact these hidden fees can have on your retirement and offers a complimentary book: "Mutual Funds Exposed."

How to Best Turn Your 401(k) into Retirement Income

Are you ready to retire and want to know how best to turn your 401(k) retirement savings into income? Don't miss this short video by Matthew Peck, Investment Advisor Representative and co-founder of SHP Financial. Matt discusses your options and the important factors to consider when making the transition from saving money in your 401(k) to retiring and needing to draw income from your hard-earned assets.

The Key to Finding the Right Financial Advisor

Learn the most important thing to look for in a financial advisor during this clip of the "Retirement Road Map" radio show with hosts Derek Gregoire, Matthew Peck and Keith Ellis, co-founders of SHP Financial. This video was shot in SHP Financial's radio studio in Plymouth. The show airs on WBZ, WRKO and WXTK every weekend.

The Key to Not Outliving Your Retirement Assets

Are you concerned about outliving your assets? In this brief video, SHP Financial Co-Founder, Derek Gregoire, walks you through how to properly allocate your retirement savings and set up an income plan that will alleviate your concerns about running out of money in retirement.

Derek Gregoire & Keith Ellis Interview on the Consumer's Advocate TV Show

Derek and Keith being interviewed by Emmy Award-winning Director, Nick Nanton, on the "Consumer’s Advocate" TV show, which aired on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates across the country in the Spring of 2013!

Derek Gregoire & Derek Sanderson Discuss Asset Protection

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